In times of great transition, we all deserve to have somebody in the room whose sole focus is us. 


Hi, I'm Stevie.

I’m so glad you’ve found this site and are considering letting me walk this path with you.  The fact that you are looking for a doula already tells me so much about the kind of people you are.   


I believe every person in labor deserves to have full support from someone who is there specifically for them and their partner (if they have one).  Your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey is one of the biggest transitions in your life.  It’s important that we surround ourselves with people who will let the parents lead, provide information and resources, support our decisions, aid with comfort measures and give us an emotional outlet for everything we are feeling while on this journey.  


I started my work in this field early in 2017 when I felt a strong call to support women and provide comfortable and safe spaces for them.  I went to my first doula training and fell in love with the concept of being able to walk beside women in this way.  Shortly after that I dove headfirst into this work and started consistently attending births and taking classes/workshops that would continue my education.  I love birth.  I love transitions.  I love women.  This work is a perfect fit for me.  


Learn more about my services here and if you’d like to schedule an interview please contact me here


I look forward to connecting with you! 


I am honored to be doing this work - and am constantly humbled that I get to support people during such an intense period of transformation.



Birth Doula Services

As a birth doula I offer three prenatal visits, labor support, and two postpartum visits.  

During our prenatals we will go over any similar previous experiences, dive into any questions you have, figure out what you’re looking for in your birth and your parenthood journey, go over comfort measures, and talk about postpartum care (both for the mother and the newborn).  

I am on call for you two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated time of birth.  This means I am available to assist in your labor at any time and I am always available for phone/text support during this time.  I like to be friends with my clients! I encourage taking advantage of text support! I will stay with you for the duration of your labor and a couple of hours afterwards until you get settled.

In our postpartum visits we will talk a lot about newborn integration, breastfeeding, and answering any questions you have.  We will also go over your birth story to help fully integrate such a huge event in life. 

When hiring a doula you also have access to all of her resources. So if you’re in need of a lactation consultant, a pelvic floor specialist, a therapist, a nanny, etc. I can put you in contact with someone to suit your needs. (Plus I know a bunch of great podcasts and books you might enjoy checking out during this time!)

Fees for this service are $1,200. Half to be paid as a deposit and half to be paid at 36 weeks.  

PostPartum Doula Support

As a postpartum doula I help to integrate your newborn into your life and act as another pair of hands and a listening ear.  I work in 4-6 hour shifts 2-4 days a week for daytime shifts and 8 hour shifts for overnight support.  During our first few months (especially during the first few weeks) of parenthood everything is brand new and can be overwhelming.  We are not meant to bear this load alone.  Having a village of people around us supporting us makes us better parents.  I am very client led so if you need emotional support, someone to suggest techniques, someone to hold your baby while you shower/take a nap or anything in between I can accommodate. 

Fees for this service are $30 an hour for daytime help and $40 an hour for nighttime help.  

Village Prenatals

Every few months my collective Hathor House hosts a Village Prenatal.  This is a space for expectant mothers and mothers on the other side of their journey to gather and share information.  We talk about hopes and fears and tell stories.  We make lasting connections and create community in this space.  It is my hope that women in this circle will continue to be close to each other and a web of support is created between the women who attend.  

Please check out the Hathor House site for more information.

Abortion and Miscarriage Support

Pregnancy loss, whether voluntary or involuntary, is rarely talked about in our society and can be a very isolating experience.  Hathor House hosts support circles and I am available for one on one support as well.  Contact me here for more information. 

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta consumption is an age old tradition said to regulate hormones and ease the transition into new motherhood.  I use the Traditional Chinese method which involves steaming with lemon and ginger and will add any other herbs from my garden that the client is fond of.  I will pick up your placenta at your place of birth and have it back to you within 48 hours. One placenta usually yields about a jar or a jar and a half of capsules depending on size.

Fees for this service are $275 

($250 if we are already working together)

Herbal Support

I offer custom blends of nutritive teas for fertility, all three trimesters, and a recovery postpartum tea.  These come in 1.5 gram bags and cost $10 each.

My sitz bath blend comes in a glass jar and is $20.  

Please contact me here to know more.


"We couldn't have asked for a more compassionate and supportive doula.  Stevie offered emotional support pre-labor & during early stages.  She helped us to create a birth environment to encourage labor to progress.  She provided incredible physical support during active labor and was intuitive enough to know when to step in and when to allow us an intimate moment together.  She worked harmoniously with my midwife and together they held space for a natural, safe, and loving birth."

Audrey & hunter


Continuing Education & Affiliations


Hathor Birth is my independently owned company but I associate with many other groups including DASC (Doulas Association of Southern California), The LA Doula Project, and The Feminist Health Alliance.

I am also the founder and owner of Hathor House, a feminist collective I run outside of my home in Pasadena.  We offer educational classes on reproductive health, support circles, new mothers circles, doula circles and village prenatals.  Find community here.


Continuing Education

DONA Birth Doula Training- Bini Birth 2017

Breastfeeding Class for Doulas- Bini Birth 2017

DONA Postpartum Doula Training- Bini Birth 2017

Herbal Medicine in Midwifery Course- California Herbal School 2017

Doula Mentorship Circle- Becca Gordon 2017

Beyond the Double Hip Squeeze- Beccan Gordon 2017 

Embodica Childbirth Education Assistant- Britta Bushnell 2017

Emerging Birth Stories: Disappointment, Power, and the Search for Meaning- Virginia Bobro 2017

A Day for All Birthworkers with Sister MorningStar- Hathor House 2018 

Village Prenatal and Blessingway Ceremony with Sister MorningStar- Hathor House 2018

Abortion Doula Training- LA Doula Project 2018

The Complete Guide to FreeBirth- The Free Birth Society 2018


I encourage clients to listen to their intuition in order to make the best choices for their family.


Contact Me

Please fill out the following if you're interested in working together.  I'll respond within 2 to 3 business days and we can set up an interview.  I look forward to connecting with you!